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Sitaphalmandi Railway Station, MMTS
Source : http://indiarailinfo.com/station/map/sitafalmandi-stpd/2325

Sitaphalmandi, Hyderabad


The city rolled out
like a warm aloo paratha
over a hunch-
backed flyover's
rolling pin traffic
cassava no electricity
while the rain drawn
pavement stood
an impressionist
Monet: Love's
gluten-fed dishevelled
hair, a squall-borne
thoroughfare of rolled
down shutters spoken
in jeera tongue and
forgotten letters.


Sari, moon and lamppost
soften the sun-dried
edge of a sleepy
flyover. Clouds memorize
the scene. Night, the artist
with an eraser in
hand shimmies with
the wind. You are the navel
of every metaphor, my body
creates. Under the flyover
the fireflies perched on an
ice cream stick sing for rain.


Sitaphal will come again
sitting on the hip of the bridge
Sitaphal will come again
sporting Monsoon's paperback ridge
Sitaphal will come again
riding the spine of translation
Sitaphal will come again
growing grass with no citation
the fruit coils its fly-swatting
bazaari tongue around
pan-vendors, shoe-menders,
silver-dealers, money-lenders
this italicized neck, sweet-laden
stations its heavy head, nuptial bed
inside creamy white custard apples that
come again and again, again.

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